Monday, January 27, 2014

The 40 Days Have Begun!

New to my blog? Here's an explanation of what I'm doing.

I started my 40 Days of Yoga yesterday afternoon with a killer, super-tough 90 minute hot power class with our excellent teacher Kristi Taylor. It seemed extra hot in the studio, and I know I wasn't the only one who thought class kicked my butt! (But in the best possible way.) Here's a photo of my totally drained yet energized self right after class!

After class, we had our intro meeting, to learn all about the Personal Revolution program and our commitment. We had to select a word that described what we're seeking from this program. I selected the word equilibrium. It's definitely something I need in my life, that is for sure! I'm always telling my students and others that they need balance in their lives. This is the time to take my own advice!

It's really important to me to keep my intentional focus on my mission to raise awareness and money for the IRC's work with refugees from Syria. So each day that I write in this blog, I hope to post something about the crisis that millions of Syrians and others in the region are experiencing. Here's a heart wrenching, yet very important, look at the devastation that's been wrought on the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk in Syria. One of the things that gets lost a lot of the time in this crisis is that we have multiple generations of Palestinian refugees caught up in this new refugee crisis in Syria--as well as Iraqi refugees from the horrifying collapse of that country in the wake of the American invasion of 2003. So, the human tragedy that is playing out now is occurring on top of a variety of other human tragedies instigated by war and unresolved by those who could resolve them. I'll be exploring this more in future posts. 

For now, I'm about to head to day two of my 40 days and take another hot yoga class. Thank you for reading and spreading the word! 

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